April 2017

Aboard the exclusively chartered deluxe m.s. Amadeus Silver II

“God created the Heavens and the Earth, but the Dutch created Holland.” Indeed, not only did they wrest a portion of their land from the sea, but they succeeded in building upon it an enchanted realm carpeted by vibrantly hued flowers and traced with storied waterways unparalleled by anywhere else in the world.

Come celebrate the beauty of Holland and old-world Flanders in springtime, the best season for this comprehensive itinerary. Cruise aboard the exclusively chartered, deluxe m.s. Amadeus Silver II, one of the finest ships to ply the waterways of Europe and traverse the canals of this delightful polder land.

Discover the true essence of river life in the Low Countries with an included excursion in every port and see firsthand this sublime region’s breathtaking tulip fields in full bloom. Our expert-guided tours explore two UNESCO World Heritage sites—distinctive 16th- and 17th-century house-lined canals of Amsterdam and the well-preserved, medieval Flemish jewel of Bruges—as well as the “Golden Age” trading town of Hoorn, the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens, the mercantile town of Antwerp, the old Hanseatic city of Kampen, the quaint village of Giethoorn, the captivating ancient city of Maastricht—rarely visited by American travelers and unique to this itinerary—and the poignant World War II American Military Cemetery in nearby Margraten.

Discover the artistic legacy of the world-class Kröller-Müller Museum and the rich history of the medieval Dutch-speaking county of Flanders. Enjoy enriching lectures and the exclusive River Life Forum®, which features local residents’ perspectives and provides an insider’s view of modern life and cultural heritage in Holland.

River Life® along the Dutch Waterways is a perennial favorite—you don’t want to miss this exceptional itinerary that travels further afield through this delightful region and includes exclusive Cultural Enrichments, specially arranged early museum entry, privately chartered small boat canal cruises, an exclusive musical concert and much more! An Amsterdam Pre-Cruise and South of Holland Post-Cruise Options are available.

*This itinerary also operates in the reverse direction.

The Travel Program outlined here is subject to the features, final pricing and terms and conditions set forth in the published Travel Program brochure.



Binnenhof Ridderzaal, The Hague

Hoofdtoren tower, Hoorn

Keukenhof Gardens

Medieval architecture and landmark
13th-century belfry in Bruges

View of River Meuse, Maastricht

Quaint, picturesque town of Giethoorn

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