October 2018

From the dawn of civilization, the Danube River has ranked among the world’s most storied waterways. Over the course of the past two millennia, it has seen the passage of Roman legions and crusading knights, the indomitable Janissaries of the Ottomans and the proud Hussars of the Habsburgs. A channel for commerce, culture and conquest since its banks were first settled, the Danube links the heartlands of Central Europe with the nations of the Black Sea and the East beyond. Join us for an extraordinary cruise along nearly the entire length of this fabled river, from the Habsburgs’ imperial capital of Vienna, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to the dark pearl-blue Black Sea.

This exceptional travel program features seven countries
and the enchanting eastern Danube River Valley, a mystical, seldom-visited region steeped in natural beauty that remains virtually untouched and unknown to American travelers.
Cruise for nine nights aboard the exclusively chartered, deluxe Amadeus Silver III, launched in 2016, and spend two nights in Romania’s elegant capital of Bucharest, whose splendid architecture earned the city its nickname, “Little Paris.”

A rich mosaic of medieval cities, charming villages, rugged countryside and centuries-old tales and traditions awaits you—traverse the ancient lands of Bulgaria, the relatively young territories of Serbia and eastern Croatia, the spectacular Carpathian Mountains, Hungary’s fabled Puszta (plains) and the glittering, UNESCO World Heritage-designated palaces of Budapest. Admire a masterful display of traditional horsemanship in the Hungarian heartland, cruise through the dramatic Iron Gates dividing the Carpathian and Balkan Mountains—the last natural barrier on the Danube River, where no fewer than six languages are spoken—and experience the fascinating Slavic heritage of medieval Belgrade. Deepen your knowledge of the Danube with our
Pre-Program Option in the world-class city of Vienna and the
Post-Program Option in mythical Transylvania, where authentic medieval castles and local lore keep the legend of Dracula alive.

The Travel Program outlined here is subject to the features, final pricing and terms and conditions set forth in the published Travel Program brochure.

Parliament, Budapest, Hungary

Peleş Castle, Translyvania, Romania

Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary

Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria

Hungary's Puszta

Veliko Târnovo, Bulgaria

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